Justin Beckett is the Founder and CEO of Affinity TV 247 and represents over 20 years of diverse entrepreneurial and media related management experience.

Justin has been focused on the Internet and technology sectors for the past 12 years and between 2000 and 2009 he founded and successfully exited three Internet based entertainment companies.

Justin is the Founder and former Chairman and CEO of Fluid Music Inc. (TSX:FMN) an internet-based music services company which he led from inception in 2004 until its successful IPO in 2008.

Before founding Fluid Music, Justin was the Founder and CEO of SkillJam Technologies, a leading casual gaming company, which he led from its inception in 2001 until the company's sale to Liberty Media subsidiary Fun Technologies (TSX:FUN) in 2004.

He was previously the Founder and CEO of Music Gaming Inc, which he led from its inception in 2000 until the company's sale to Intermix/MySpace in 2001.

Prior to his focus on the Internet and technology sectors, Justin was the Executive Vice President of Sloan Financial Group, a diversified financial services firm.

Justin is also a board member of Fluid Music Inc. (TSX:FMN), Aptilon (TSX:APZ), 7 Touch Group, GNO Healthcare Services and Consonus Technologies, Inc.

He also wrote and produced the Telly Award winning TV documentary Africa: An Emerging Market , which featured Iman, Danny Glover, Lou Gossett, Jr and Nigel Hawthorn.

Justin received a B.A. from Duke University.

Cecil Cox is the co-founder and President of Affinity TV 247 and represents over 15 years of diverse entertainment management experience.

Cecil is the Founder and Managing Director of Metco Boys Media, a convergent media focused consulting firm and provider of creative packaging services for digital media and film projects whose previous clients include Fluid Music Inc. and American Idol Underground.

Prior to the founding of Metco Boys Media in 2004, Cecil was the Senior Executive and manager of Mundy Lane Entertainment, the Los Angeles-based film and television company founded by Academy Award winning actor Denzel Washington.

During his tenure at Mundy Lane, Cecil was responsible for all TV, film, new media, strategic planning and day-to-day operations of the company.

He supervised the development of over a dozen projects for Mundy Lane including the award winning films, Hurricane and The Antwone Fisher Story.

He was an Executive Producer of Half Past Autumn: The Life and Works of Gordon Parks, which Mundy Lane produced with HBO and was nominated for 3 Emmy Awards and an NAACP Award.

A former agent with the William Morris Talent Agency, Cecil has previously worked with a wide range of artists including actors George Clooney, John Travolta, Sharon Stone, Eddie Griffin, Raven Symone, writer Joe Eszterhas and music artists Bobby Brown, Ice Cube, Queen Latifah and Tupac Shakur.

Affinity TV 247 represents the third Internet start-up company where Cecil has teamed with Justin Beckett.

Cecil received a B.A. from Harvard College.

Michael is the CEO and Founder of the 7 Touch Group, a web and mobile applications development company that is responsible for the design and development of Affinity TV 247's software infrastructure.

Michael is the former Chief Strategic Officer and co-founder of Fluid Music (TSX: FMN) where he managed product development activities and the design of various software applications.

He was previously the Chief Metrics Officer for Skilljam Technologies, an Internet-based gaming company.

Michael's experience with Internet entertainment companies began in 2000 when he was a product development manager and co-founder of Music Gaming, Inc.

Affinity TV 247 represents the sixth Internet start-up company where Michael has teamed with Justin Beckett.

Michael received a B.B.A from North Carolina Central University.

Jared is a Senior Vice President at Affinity TV 247 and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Affinity TV 247 sales team.

Jared has 7 years of online B2B sales management experience and was most recently a sales executive for AEG (one of the leading sports and entertainment presenters in the world) where he was responsible for B2B sales for major venues such as Staples Center and Nokia Theatre.

Prior to joining AEG, Jared managed Doren Tickets, a successful Internet based sports and event ticketing agency, which he founded.

Jared also founded e-Media Central, a company that develops software solutions and administrative tools for the advertising industry.

Jared's related management experience began in 1998 when he joined the Fox Television advertising and marketing team.

Jared's working relationship with My Local Buzz TV founder Justin Beckett began in 2002 when the two worked with a leadership-training program for at risk teens.

Jared received his BFA from Carnegie Mellon University.

Derek has over a decade of experience relative to the creative design and management of entertainment related websites and user interface applications. He is also an avid musician and independent filmmaker who brings a broad network of relevant contacts to Affinity TV 247.

Derek was previously the Creative Director for Fluid Music Inc, where he was responsible for a broad range of creative functions including user interface design, graphic design, music production and original composition.

While working with Fluid, Derek played a key role relative to the management and development of promotional materials regarding the company's partnerships with American Idol, Sony & iTunes.

Prior to joining Fluid Music, Derek managed the customer care functions of Internet gaming company SkillJam Technologies, the former interactive gaming subsidiary of Intermix/MySpace.

Affinity TV 247 represents the 3rd Internet based entertainment start up that Derek has worked on with Justin Beckett.

As Affinity TV 247's Production Director, Isaac has several key responsibilities regarding the development of the company's original programming initiatives. He also plays an important role relative to the company's content acquisition and overall programming activities.

As Founder of IKED Entertainment, a full service production company, Isaac is an avid independent filmmaker with nearly a decade of relevant experience as a freelance writer, director, and producer.

Isaac brings a broad network of industry contacts to AffinityTV247 and augments the company's unique ability to service the independent filmmaker community and appreciate their goals and objectives.

Prior to the founding of Affinity TV 247, Isaac worked with Justin Beckett at Fluid Music where he was a Project Manager and assisted in the coordination of the company's various programming activities.

Isaac received a B.A. in Cinema-Television Arts from California State University, Northridge and a Professional Degree in Producing from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Luana Francischini is a Brazilian professional with 10 years of experience in daily news, corporate communications and public relations. In Brazil, Luana worked for two important TV stations (TV Globo/Bahia and TV Band) as executive producer, editor and editor in chief. Luana has a Bachelor's in Communications with a Major in Journalism from the Federal University of Bahia (Brazil) and a Graduate Certificate in Marketing from UCLA.

After graduating from UCLA Extension, Luana joined AffinityTV247 where she uses her writing and communications skills to promote the company's brand especially online (social media platforms and corporate blog); develop Public Relations strategies; and create informational plans to communicate with clients and prospects (i.e. monthly newsletter and PowerPoint presentations). She also consults with creative staff to arrange promotional campaigns on behalf of AffinityTV247 and its clients, and provides strategic guidance with regard to the Brazilian market.

Geoffrey is Corporate Counsel for Affinity TV 247 and has the primary responsibility of coordinating/facilitating the company's legal activities.

Geoffrey brings a wealth of entertainment law experience to the team and he is uniquely qualified relative to the management of both New Media (Internet, mobile, UGM etc.) and traditional media legal activities.

Geoffrey's previous experience includes working in a similar capacity at Bigfoot Entertainment, an international film production and finance company and Pierce Law Group, a boutique entertainment law firm.

Geoffrey received a B.A. from Queens University, a J.D. from the University of London, an L.L.M. from Loyola Law school and an L.L.M. from USC Law school.

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